Chimney repairs Yeovil

Studley Roofing provide chimney replacement, repair or removal services. The most common issue with chimneys is eroded pointing which can lead to instability of the chimney stack as well as water penetration. Once water has ingressed into the chimney structure this can accelerate deterioraton andthe risk of sections of the chimney disintegrating and causing further damage to the roof becomes higher and higher.

Signs Of A Damaged Chimney

Damaged mortar joints between the chimney masonry or a cracked chimney crown may be identifed as part of a home buyers survey or can be spotted by anyone able to access the roof of the building. If water has got into the chimney structure you may see signs of moisture such as peeling wallpaper or damp patches around the chimney breast, or rust in the fire box or grate.

Additionally if flaky bits of masonry or tile are found persistently in the heath it can be a sign that moisture has entered the bricks or tile and has caused segments of the stone to flake off.

Chimney Repairs

We can advise on remedial measures for damaged or weathered chimneys which can be as straightforward as repointing the sections which have been eroded. Alternatively we can provide advice on or quote for chimney removal as it may not always be financially viable to repair or replace a damaged structure. Contact us if you have any questions about your chimney or would like to find out more about what a repair would entail.