Preventing Water Ingress

Lead Capping to prevent water ingress

This stunning new build property near Bath had been having problems with water ingress for a number of years, and various solutions and repairs had been attempted to try and resolve the problem.

Lead Capping to prevent water ingressThe client’s insurer got in touch with us to propose a more permanent solution. We often work with insurance companies and architectural consultants who are looking to protect their client’s properties and understand the need to design lasting solutions especially with problems like water ingress which can be incedibly disrupting and disheartening to home owners constantly dealing with water damage to furnishings and fittings.

For this project we stripped back the existing roofing lead and replaced the substrate on the top of the parapet with a sturdy ply base. When fitting any lead roof, it is important to use the correct lead code or thickness for the particular application. Soakers, flashing, parapets, bay roofs, canopies, dormers and valley gutters all have their own requirements in terms of sheet size and thickness of the lead and understanding those requirements is key to a leak free lead roof. Our experienced roofing team were able to identify and install the correct lead code for this parapet and the finished roof is now weatherproof!