Tile Roofs

Studley Roofing’s experienced tilers can help to advise on the best roof tiling material for your project depending on your budget and required look and feel. Concrete and clay tiles are both common choices for roof tiles – concrete is extremely hard wearing and requires little maintenance and is generally cheaper.¬†Where clay tiles are also they will often improve with age as they take on a weathered appearance, although the raw materials used to produce them mean they are usually more expensive.

Clay and concrete roof tiles can come both as plain flat tiles, which are laid to overlap like slate, or they can come designed to interlock with each other. Interlocking tiles are more cost effective as they can be laid to cover a large area more quickly.

Both clay and concrete tiles come in many different styles and colours and we work with a number of suppliers to provide a wide range of tiles at competitive prices. We can provide samples for you on request – get in touch for a quote or to find out more.