Flat Roof Repair Yeovil

Flat Roof Repair Specialists

Studley Roofing can install and repair flat roofs in Yeovil and surrounding areas using traditional felt, GRP fibreglass or EPDM. We have 20+ years of roofing experience and a fantastic local reputation.

Repairs to existing flat roofs can be quickly and easily undertaken with the new roof or repair typically lasting 20 years or more.

If your flat roof is leaking or might need to be repaired contact Studley Roofing today to arrange an inspection before the problem gets worse.


Types of Flat Roofing

Traditional felt flat roofing comprises three layers – base felt, glass fibre underlay, and a top layer of high-performance mineral felt. There is greater scope for customisation of felt roofing with different coloured top layers available.

GRP fibreglass flat roofs are one of the more expensive forms of roofing material. The material can be laid in one to two simple layers that are light and strong, and it has a smooth, aesthetic finish and is easy to patch repair. The expected life span varies but is often 20-30 years, and maintenance is relatively easy.

GRP is most well suited to smaller roofs because, on large areas, it can become weak due to expansion and contraction. GRP can also be used as a replacement for lead in roof gulleys.

To speak with one of our roofing professional about which flat roofing material is right for your project get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.


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